A precinct group showcasing one of the most diverse, exciting and vibrant parts of Adelaide, the Adelaide West End Association (AWEA) is a pillar for bringing community, businesses and visitors together in one adventurous, historic precinct.

With their online presence in need of some love and attention, the Adelaide West End Association engaged Lexicon to come on board as their Digital Coordinator at the start of 2020 as an ongoing partnership.

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The AWEA tasked Lexicon with the role of  maintaining an active online presence, generating engaging content for all social media channels and undertaking general website maintenance with admin work. 

As the new website was starting to take shape, Lexicon took on the task of refreshing the old content and creating an exciting, informative source for AWEA members and users to engage with interactively.


Continuous projects range from managing social media platforms, communications with members and executive committee on topics from City of Adelaide information to general news, generating monthly eDM newsletter campaigns, participating in forums, and content management of the new and improved website.