You have the passion.

We have the words.

Let's get to work.

Bringing your business to new heights, Lexicon helps you communicate with your audience using sophistication and significance.

The power and influence of the written word is often underestimated — we use it to your advantage. Lexicon crafts words and letters to make a business thrive, and is a testament to why clients return time after time, project after project.

Lexicon, noun: the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.

With a Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing and several years in the industry under her belt, Founder Alexia Frangos was determined to create a new path; combining her business mindset and passion for content creation to establish Lexicon.

With flair and flexibility, Lexicon offers a unique, experienced approach to any project; thriving on serving diverse clientele while achieving deliverables with accuracy and adeptness.

With clients across a myriad of industries including Media & Communications, Real Estate, Psychology, Beauty, Food & Beverage, Sporting Events & Clubs, Festivals, Horticulture, Retail, Medical, Energy, Tourism, Governing Bodies, Councils, and more, Lexicon's experience is hard to match.

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